Want to cry after reading! Kobe’s close-up of his right hand is so bad, he insists 愚不可及的意思

Want to cry after reading! Kobe’s right hand close-up is so bad, he also insisted (Figure) Kobe’s miserable right hand sina sports news Beijing time on February 22nd, the Losangeles Lakers away challenge Chicago bulls, Kobe with finger injuries appeared. Before the game, Lakers officials released a photo of Kobe’s injured right hand finger. "Close watch all the bandages on Kobe’s shot."." The Lakers official wrote, and released a picture of Kobe’s right hand. In the picture, we see Kobe’s right hand with a long bandage around his middle finger. In addition, his right hand ring finger and little finger are connected by two shorter bandages. This scene can not help so many families sad honey. In the last Lakers versus spurs game, Kobe accidentally dislocated his right middle finger, but he was strong enough to just move his fingers back. Today, before the Lakers and bulls, Kobe said in an interview that he had nothing to do with his fingers and even jokingly said, "it’s still there." 20 years of career, Kobe suffered countless injuries, but it is admirable that he showed strong in the face of injuries, sometimes he is not even serious injuries are not firewire. Before that, Kobe continued to play with a serious finger injury. So this finger dislocation doesn’t stop Kobe from coming into the game because he doesn’t want to miss the tie call at the United Center, and he doesn’t want to miss the final battle with Paul Gasol. (Rosen)

看完想哭!科比右手特写 这么惨他还坚持(图) 科比惨不忍睹的右手   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月22日,洛杉矶湖人客场挑战芝加哥公牛,科比带着手指的伤势出场。赛前,湖人官推发布了一张科比受伤的右手手指照片。   “近距离观看科比投篮手上的所有绷带。”湖人官推写道,并且发布了一张科比右手的照片。   照片中,我们看到科比的右手中指缠着一条很长的绷带。此外,他的右手无名指和小指被两根较短的绷带连接在一起。这一幕不禁让众多的科蜜心酸。   上一场湖人与马刺的比赛中,科比不慎右手中指脱臼,但坚强的他硬是把手指重新归位。今天湖人与公牛的赛前,科比在接受采访时表示他的手指没事,甚至开玩笑地说:“它还在那里。”   20年职业生涯,科比遭遇过无数伤病,但令人敬佩的是他面对伤病时所表现出来的坚强,有些时候,他甚至是连重伤都不下火线。之前,科比曾经带着严重的手指伤势继续比赛。   所以这次手指脱臼不会阻止科比出场比赛,因为他不想错过在联合中心的谢幕战,   更不想错过与保罗-加索尔的最后一战。   (罗森)相关的主题文章:

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